Why San Diego Real Estate

We believe that real estate investment is an essential part of a balanced investment portfolio, and feel that San Diego’s diverse economy, location and climate make for a dynamic real estate market. Our long history, since 1977, of active investment experience demonstrates our belief in the strength of the San Diego Economy. Our extensive knowledge of San Diego’s many communities allows us to locate properties in historic neighborhoods and redeveloping urban areas-properties that can be renovated and refurbished to increase their value and create additional rental income for property owners. Mpowered Real Estate can help you develop a strong investment portfolio through individual real estate investments, as well as limited liability corporations.

LLC Investing

Investing in real estate using a limited liability corporation allows an investor to combine capital resources with resources from other investors to acquire quality real estate investments.

Individual Investing

Mpowered Real Estate can help individual investors acquire quality properties. As an individual investor, some options include single family homes and condominiums, duplexes, apartment buildings and commercial or retail properties. We work with you to develop an appropriate investment strategy, including locating and acquiring property, financial planning, and setting and implementing an effective property management plan.

Mpowered Equity Investing

With this model we manage the property and project at all levels. 

As far as the property management, you have the same choices of traditional or Mpowered Management.

For equity creation, our strategy has no fees for development and managing the project. As part of the Mpowered investing model, we share in future equity creation without affecting the money you put in or charging fees. Equity share amount depends on scope of project. We do renovations, additions or Accessory Dwelling Units. Each project is set up differently.  

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